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Reese Witherspoon Fan

Everything you need to know for the talented and oscar-winning actress!

Reese Witherspoon Fan | Your daily dose
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witherspoonfan is a fan community dedicated to the talented and beautiful Reese Witherspoon!
1. DO NOT bash Reese or her family/friends and co-stars. This community is for all her FANS.

2. Please NO fighting with anyone and NO spamming.

3. If you keep starting fights and be rude to the others you will get BANNED.

4. Please tag your posts. With tags it's easier for us and for you to navigate around the community.

5. If your post have a lot of pictures or is a long article please use an lj cut.

6. Do not hotlink. Use a free image host such as photobucket, imageshack, imagebam, etc.

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